The Lutheran Foundation Gives Grant of $100,000 Toward City Life

July 29, 2021


Youth for Christ would like to thank The Lutheran Foundation for their incredibly generous grant of $100,000 to go toward City Life. Over the past year, our youth have felt the weight of isolation, loneliness, anxiety and so much more. At City Life, we have dedicated our time and resources to walking alongside our students through life’s challenges. It is our desire to engage our young people in authentic Christ-sharing relationships so they may know the hope of Jesus.

Our Interim Urban Ministries Regional Director, Amy Binkley, recently shared: “At our City Life Centers, we do our best to be a safe place where students know we care and are there to listen without judgement. We create a culture of family within our Centers which spills over into our community. City Life is a place where students can turn to and will be welcomed to return to.”

Thank you to The Lutheran Foundation for bringing hope to our young people! We are grateful for your generosity and support! Lives are being changed because of your contribution to furthering our mission!