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Our Team

At YFC of Northern Indiana, we are blessed to have a dedicated team of staff passionate about serving our young people

Chris Todia

Chief Executive Officer, ctodia@yfcnin.org

Drew Williams

Chief Operating Officer, dwilliams@yfcnin.org

Traever Wieland

Ministry Director - Campus Life Ministries, twieland@yfcnin.org Click to Give to Traever's Ministry

Kristian Jarrett

Communications & Engagement Lead, kjarrett@yfcnin.org

Adam Jones

Administrative Assistant, ajones@yfcnin.org

Emilee Deming

Communications & Events Lead, edeming@yfcnin.org

Joe Wright

Juvenile Justice Ministry (JJM) Director, jwright@yfcnin.org Click to Give to Joe's Ministry

Georgina Pangani

Finance Lead, gpangani@yfcnin.org

Jen Wieland

Executive Assistant, jenwieland@yfcnin.org

Mike Steiner

Leo High School Campus Life Director, msteiner@yfcnin.org Click to Give to Mike's Ministry

Marc Transparenti

Development Lead / Regional Director, mtransparenti@yfcnin.org

Rick Carder

Regional Director: Exterior Allen County, Huntington, Whitley, & Wabash Counties, rcarder@yfcnin.org Click to Give to Rick's Ministry

Amy Hanna

Regional Director: DeKalb, Noble, LaGrange, & Steuben Counties, ahanna@yfcnin.org Click to Give to Amy's Ministry

Sawyer Miller

New Haven High School Campus Life Director, smiller@yfcnin.org Click to Give to Sawyer's Ministry

Jared Delagrange

East Noble High School Campus Life Director, jdelagrange@yfcnin.org Click to Give to Jared's Ministry

Andy Hayward

Prairie Heights Campus Life Director in partnership with Stroh Church of Christ, ahayward@yfcnin.org Click to Give to Andy's Ministry

Scott Smiley

City Life Director - Middle School, esmiley@yfcnin.org Click to Give to Scott's Ministry

Jason Williams

City Life Director - Wayne, HS, jwilliams@yfcnin.org Click to Give to Jason's Ministry

Reggie Blackmon

Regional Director - Urban Fort Wayne, rblackmon@yfcnin.org Click to Give to Reggie's Ministry

Cameron Charlton

Interim City Life Director - High School, ccharlton@yfcnin.org

Amy Binkley

Ministry Director - Urban Ministries, amybinkley@yfcnin.org Click to Give to Amy's Ministry

Alexia Martin

Holistic Coordinator - Urban Ministries, amartin@yfcnin.org Click to Give to Alexia's Ministry

Liz Irick

Huntington North High School Campus Life Director, lirick@yfcnin.org Click to Give to Liz's Ministry

Danielle Blackburn

Crestview & Riverview Middle School Campus Life Director Huntington, danielleb@yfcnin.org Click to Give to Danielle's Ministry

Jesse Hanna

Dekalb County Lead

Tywina Underwood

Food Ministries Coordinator - Urban Ministries, tunderwood@yfcnin.org

Bailee Glass

Columbia City High School Campus Life Director, bglass@yfcnin.org Click to Give to Bailee's Ministry

Michael Baumert

Churubusco Campus Life Director, mbaumert@yfcnin.org Click to Give to Michael's Ministry

Mario White

City Life Director - South Side High School, mwhite@yfcnin.org

Yiniki Moore

Front Office Coordinator - City Life Center, ymoore@yfcnin.org

Ali Everett

Indian Springs Middle School Campus Life Director, aeverett@yfcnin.org Click to Give to Ali's Ministry

Jake Pegg

Wabash High School Campus Life Director, jpegg@yfcnin.org Click to Give to Jake's Ministry

Jacob Massey

Southwood Campus Life Director, jmassey@yfcnin.org Click to Give to Jacob's Ministry

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