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City Life 07 – High School

City Life


Cameron Charlton

City Life '07 High School actively pursues 13-19 year olds who are walking through pivotal and story-shaping moments in urban communities. These young people can often feel overlooked, and it’s our passion to make them feel seen, heard, and valued. Our aim is to be a steady voice and presence in their lives, intentionally postured as humble and authentic mentors.

Our teams aspire to see deep change in urban neighborhoods. As a relational, holistic, community based ministry, City Life teams raise up indigenous leaders from the young people living in urban communities. This is how change happens!

The work is not easy, but the young people we walk alongside are amazing and worthy of love. As leaders, we help young people realize their worth as we actively listen, learn from them, and help them uncover God’s story of hope in their lives.