“Can We Do This Again Soon?”

May 1, 2024


Samantha is one of those students who fly under the radar. She is pretty shy, has a few close friends, but isn’t one to put herself out there often. This year, she started coming to Campus Life for the first time. Samantha is friends with some of the students who come and they invited her to join. In the fall, I took her and a friend out to hang out and we got into a good conversation about dating, boys, and healthy relationships. After that conversation, she looked at me and said,

“This was really good, can we do this again soon? I need people to talk to about this stuff.”

After that, Samantha and I started talking more regularly. We’ve talked about Jesus, faith, relationships, and more. She told me that this year, at Campus Life, she started getting serious about her faith and said “Yes” to following Jesus. This next week, we are starting a small group with some of her friends!