God Loves Her Just The Way She Is

May 1, 2024


Let me introduce you to Kelly, a girl who’s going through some tough times in her dating life. Kelly came on our spring break trip to Florida where she encountered a safe space to talk and ask questions. She wanted things to change but felt lost about where to start. She once said she was interested in knowing God, but she also felt like she wasn’t good enough for Him.

But then, something amazing happened! During some talks we had, Kelly began to realize something important: God loves her just the way she is, no cleaning up required! And guess what? On our spring break trip, Kelly made a big decision—she said yes to Jesus!

Even though Kelly still has lots of questions and things to figure out, she’s excited to start this new journey with Jesus by her side. It’s like she’s found a new friend who’s always there for her, no matter what.