He Felt Hope

April 30, 2024


Tim had always felt like something was missing in his life. Growing up without his biological father and with a mother who struggled with gambling addiction, Tim often felt alone and disconnected from his family. He didn’t have a clear idea of what it meant to be a young man, nor did he have any religious guidance, leaving him unsure about many things, including faith.

Everything started to change during YFC’s annual spring break trip to Florida. For the first time, Tim opened up about his struggles and shared his feelings with others. Although he wasn’t fully committed to religious beliefs, he encountered something new and surprising: the warmth and support of a Christian community. This experience was unlike anything he had known before; the people he met showed him unconditional love and acceptance, making him feel valued and understood.

Encouraged by this experience, Tim decided to explore more about this sense of community. He began to consider joining Campus Life and possibly a church. Though still new to this path, he felt hope. He realized that he was not as alone as he had thought. There were people ready to support him, and perhaps, this was the start of finding a new direction in life.