“I Was Surrounded By People Who Loved God And Loved Me”

May 1, 2024


Trisha is a bright, fun-loving gal who enjoys volleyball and time with friends. She has been a consistent student at Campus Life throughout all of middle school. Trisha has been a strong leader and attends almost all Campus Life functions. She even boasts the reigning title of ‘Cup Game Champion’ due to her competitive nature.

Trisha recently shared her experience with Campus Life:

“Campus Life has helped me so much over the past few years. I would walk into CORE at the end of a long day at school and be genuinely excited to be there. I was with my friends, we played games, did devotions and just talked about life and Jesus. No matter how tired I was, Campus Life would always cheer me up because I was surrounded by people who loved God and loved me, which was awesome. Small group time was my favorite part of Campus Life. I am so grateful for my small group leaders who have shown me what it’s like to show Christ’s love to others around me.”