“It Truly Made an Impact on Me”

March 7, 2024


Karl is a foreign exchange student from Germany who joined Campus Life with one of his friends. Karl was skeptical to attend, but once he arrived, he felt welcomed by everyone. His first night was filled with group games, small group discussions with his peers, and joyful camaraderie over snacks. Karl went home that night realizing how much fun he had and wanted to attend Campus Life more often.

That “more often” turned into every Monday night. Karl looked forward to those nights. Through the small group, they talked about love, friendships, who they are as individuals, and their relationship with God. He felt more connected to his peers and found hearing other students’ opinions and stories helpful because it showed him that he wasn’t the only one struggling. Throughout the school year, Karl developed a strong relationship with the Campus Life Director and felt seen, heard, and loved. 

“Where I am from, I have never had the opportunity to do anything like this before, so it was cool to experience Campus Life and the connection it creates among peers and the Director. I am sad that I have to leave this behind because I will miss it. It truly made an impact on me.”