More And More Of Jesus

May 1, 2024


Sierra has ridden the Jesus rollercoaster throughout the last several years: committing her life on various trips only to complete part of a devotional and fade out within a few weeks of entering back into her normal life. This pattern has continued through YFC Camps and other trips until the last one… when something just clicked differently.

As I followed up with Sierra a week or two after a trip, she was still desiring more and more of Jesus; pouring through multiple Bible studies at a time, consistently coming to Campus Life to know more, and actively making some changes that the Holy Spirit was leading her to. I was able to connect her with one of our ministry leaders who was excited to mentor her and take her through some discipleship opportunities. Our leader, Sara, is excited about getting to know her more and is taking the lead in teaching her about the Bible and what God says about different topics. It is so exciting to see how God has provided the perfect mentor for Sierra to help her grow in her faith.