“My Mind is Blown.”

February 7, 2024


“My mind is blown. I need a minute.”

Riley, one of our students, joined a small group focused on healthy boundaries. During the small group, our YFC Director led a discussion on the nature of loving others. He emphasized that loving others in expectation of something in return, or out of fear, does not align with God’s definition of love.

“He who fears is not made perfect in love, for perfect love casts out fear, since fear involves punishment,” he quoted from 1 John 4:18.

Riley had been wrestling with the idea of loving others without feeling shame. After asking some intense questions to the YFC Director, they engaged in a profound conversation. It was then Riley realized she had misunderstood God’s grace, believing she needed to earn God’s love.

The revelation from the YFC Director about the Gospel and the nature of forgiveness led Riley to express her astonishment and request a moment to process everything. Having been a Christian all her life, she was now truly embracing God’s grace for the first time. Riley’s determination to deepen her relationship with Christ is now evident, inspiring those around her to demonstrate Christ’s love.

These relationships are vital to the young people of Northern Indiana having the opportunity to know Jesus. And they are made possible through your support. We are grateful for your contributions to our mission, which enable us to witness transformative changes in young lives and observe God’s active presence in our ministry.