“They Never Once Gave Up On Me”

February 29, 2024


Our volunteer Ministry Leaders have been great champions for our mission as they seek to bring hope to our youth. This is a story from one leader who experienced transformation through God’s love and now shows young people that same love!

Over her 14-year involvement with YFC through Campus Life, first as a student and now serving as a volunteer, she has been greatly impacted by the mission here at YFC. Megan joined Campus Life during her freshman year of high school and was consistently walking through the motions. Once Megan entered her sophomore year, things vastly changed. She drifted far from her relationship with the Lord.

“I look back and remember I wanted absolutely nothing to do with God. Had no desire to attend Campus Life nor desire to have a relationship with Christ. I pushed away my family and close friends. I isolated myself and it led me down a dark path.”

 But, our YFC Director never let Megan walk this hard road alone. Between the Director and volunteer leaders, they consistently met with her and walked with her as she navigated this hardship. Fast forward a few years, Megan went off to college, yet continued to walk this hardship. The YFC Director made a point to contact Megan often to check in. Through this, she started to realize the path she was walking wasn’t one after God. After hard conversations with the adults consistently there for her, Megan’s vision slowly shifted back to God, and she started to serve. Megan has been a faithful volunteer since her junior year of college and continues to pour into the next generation of kids.

 “YFC has made a significant impact on my life. Even when I wanted nothing to do with God or Campus Life, people still showed up. They never once gave up on me and I’m forever grateful. That’s why I do what I do and why I want to be a volunteer. I want them to know someone is showing up for them, supporting them, loving them, and believing in them. I experienced all of those things and want to give back.”